What and for whom

The Comfortmeter is the perfect measuring instrument for building owners that aspire to satisfied tenants.

Comfortmeter also provides a tool for organizations that lease a building and would like to monitor if their human resources are satisfied with their workplace.

Anyhow, it is important to map the comfort satisfaction level of building occupants, as it has a a major impact on their productivity and sick leave statistics.


How does a building perform?

Which impact does a building have on its occupants?

That is what the Comfortmeter monitors and reports: the performance of a building as perceived by the daily user.

What precisely makes that building users perceive their workplace as (un)attractive?

What are the success criteria of a building?

Where lies the improvement potential?

The Comfortmeter addresses these questions by surveying the users’ satisfaction.

To objectify the subjective impressions, the outcome of the survey is processed in a scientifically validated econometric model.

A comfort satisfaction survey focuses on the following parameters:

The objectified survey outcome provides a reliable insight into the current level of comfort.

Additionally, the Comfortmeter determines the potential for improvement and ranks various comfort enhancing options.

This will enable you to efficiently increase the value of a building and to achieve a stronger position. All this information is conveniently summarised in the Comfortmeter Report.


The Comfortmeter focuses on 6 subjects: lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, office environment, quality of air and individual control.


A number of scientific studies have clearly shown that the performance capacity, job satisfaction, job enjoyment and health are directly affected by the comfort offered by the work environment. The physical well-being of employees directly impacts their productivity.


People are the best measuring instruments. The Comfortmeter measures the performance of your building through its daily users. These are the people who will determine whether your client is ultimately satisfied. This will provide first-hand information.

About us

The Comfortmeter is the result of a collaboration between international authorities involved in efficient, sustainable and performance oriented office buildings such as Factor4 and six renowned European universities, including KU Leuven and TU Braunschweig.