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What exactly is so important about user comfort? Just meeting technical building requirements is insufficient and your clients know this.

Scientific research has shown which enormous profit can be gained by companies by improving the daily work environment of their employees:

More motivated, effective and efficient employees


Increased level of concentration, less errors and much less likely to tire


Low sick leave

Higher quality of decision



Increased job satisfaction



Prevention of physical complaints

Prevention of mutual irritations



Increased level of performance



Prevention of productivity loss

A number of scientific studies have clearly shown that the performance capacity, job satisfaction, job enjoyment and health are directly affected by the comfort offered by the work environment.

The physical well-being of employees directly impacts their productivity. The Comfortmeter report contains all the crucial information on the level of comfort offered by your building. This will allow you to know the current comfort satisfaction of the users, as well as the areas of improvement and the measures necessary for raising the performance level.

The Comfortmeter calculates the impact of your building scores on employee productivity (€/year).

If you wish to see hard evidence for these effects, just check these research results.

  • Higher level of profitability 22%
  • Better client ratings 10%
  • Less theft 28%
  • Less safety incidents 48%


Core Requirements

Gallup 2012

22% higher profitability, 10% better client ratings, 28% less theft and 48% less safety incidents in companies where employees are located in the highest percentile of solidarity compared to companies in the lowest percentile of solidarity.

Towers Watson 2012

27% is the operational margin of companies with the highest number of sustainably involved employees, almost three times higher than the margin of the companies with a bad rating in this respect.

Harvard Business Review 2012

Employees have 4 core requirements: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When only the physical core requirement was met, the employees scored better in every respect.

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How does your building perform? That is what the Comfortmeter documents for you: the performance of your building(s) in respect of the most important technological criterion of success through the eyes of the daily user.


The Comfortmeter focuses on 6 subjects: lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, office environment, quality of air and individual control.


People are the best measuring instruments. The Comfortmeter measures the performance of your building through its daily users. These are the people who will determine whether your client is ultimately satisfied. This will provide first-hand information.

About us

The Comfortmeter is the result of a collaboration between international authorities involved in efficient, sustainable and performance oriented office buildings such as Factor4 and six renowned European universities, including KU Leuven and TU Braunschweig.