Our questionaire has a very high average response of 57%.


People are the best measuring instruments.

The Comfortmeter measures the performance of your building through its daily users. This will provide first-hand information.

We have developed an online questionnaire to document the actual comfort level in your office building. The respondents will invest no more than 10 minutes of their precious time. What will they get in return? A better work environment enables them to gain the most from their talents and skills. That surely is an interesting motivation!

Your building users will receive a personal invitation by email with a direct link to the questionnaire. After approximately eight working days, those who have not responded yet will receive a reminder by email.

The questionnaire is fully anonymous and the way the data is processed guarantees 100% confidentiality.

The database is password protected.

The team of Comfortmeter specialists supports you throughout the process: from the preparation to the discussion of the performance raising solutions.

This enables us to guarantee the best possible result.


How does your building perform? That is what the Comfortmeter documents for you: the performance of your building(s) in respect of the most important technological criterion of success through the eyes of the daily user.


The Comfortmeter focuses on 6 subjects: lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, office environment, quality of air and individual control.


A number of scientific studies have clearly shown that the performance capacity, job satisfaction, job enjoyment and health are directly affected by the comfort offered by the work environment.

The physical well-being of employees directly impacts their productivity.

About us

The Comfortmeter is the result of a collaboration between international authorities involved in efficient, sustainable and performance oriented office buildings such as Factor4 and six renowned European universities, including KU Leuven and TU Braunschweig