Are you sure that your building performs optimally?

Quality of air

Fact: a good quality of air has direct health effects as well as psychological effects.

Parameters: the specific transfer of fresh air from outside, the replacement of contaminated air and the reduction of contaminated substances.


Fact: light has a positive influence on health and well-being due to a higher level of lighting.

Parameters: healthy daylight, adjustable artificial lighting and a view.


Fact: people want to have the feeling that they can control their work situation.

Parameters: ability to regulate temperature, ability to open windows, management of light level, flexible furniture etc.


Fact: the office environment affects the concentration, collaboration, confidentiality and creativity.

Parameters: furniture, workplace typologies and personalisation.


Fact: the influence of thermal physical comfort (comfort level) of people is very important.

Parameters: air temperature, radiation temperature, humidity, airspeed, clothing and activity level.


Fact: bad acoustics are a major disruptive factor in office environments.

Parameters: speech intelligibility, control of the exterior and interior noise level and limitation of resonance.

What & for whom

How does your building perform? That is what the Comfortmeter documents for you: the performance of your building(s) in respect of the most important technological criterion of success through the eyes of the daily user.


The Comfortmeter focuses on 6 subjects: lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, office environment, quality of air and individual control.


A number of scientific studies have clearly shown that the performance capacity, job satisfaction, job enjoyment and health are directly affected by the comfort offered by the work environment. The physical well-being of employees directly impacts their productivity.


People are the best measuring instruments.

The Comfortmeter measures the performance of your building through its daily users. These are the people who will determine whether your client is ultimately satisfied. This will provide first-hand information.

About us

The Comfortmeter is the result of a collaboration between international authorities involved in efficient, sustainable and performance oriented office buildings such as Factor4 and six renowned European universities, including KU Leuven and TU Braunschweig.